Moving From Survival to Kingdom Living

Part 4-To Receive It Give It Away


“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”                                            Luke 6:37-38

The drive to survive compels people to hoard everything like chipmunks hoarding nuts in a tree.  If ones goal is to survive, then it is logical to store reserves.  The laws of mathematics states, if one wants to accumulate more reserves, then they need to add to their reserves, and certainly don’t divide it. Therefore, people will hoard whatever brings them security.  This survival mindset drives people to acquire.  If one wants money, then they need to put it in a bank account or stuff it under the mattress.  If one wants friendship, when they find a friend or a group of friends they shouldn’t let anyone else in. Protect the reserves. This survival instinct to hoard is rooted in a fear of lack.  This fear of lack fuels the fires of hoarding, greed, ruthless ambition and theft.

A person can survive with that mindset, but they certainly cannot LIVE.  The kingdom of heaven does not function on survival mode.  The Kingdom overflows with life.  The Kingdom overflows with love, creative power and abundance.  If you want more of something, then you must give it away.  If one is going to tap into the creative power and the abundance of the unlimited kingdom, then one must act in love.  Love always gives.  Love is not the priority of survival, but it is the priority of life, a true life link to the Kingdom of heaven.  When one understands they are operating by kingdom principles it brings confidence that the resources of the kingdom will be at hand.

Just like the fruit was at hand for Adam and Eve in the garden. They knew if the resources were not there, then the resources could be created.  If it is not there right now, then it will bloom in season.

Many understand that God wants us to be generous, and many more understand that the way of love is giving, but few understand how to receive kingdom resources.  The way to reach ones hand into the Kingdom is to create flow.

How do you get started?  You initiate!  You make the first step. You give.  That’s why you must forgive to be forgiven.  In the kingdom you make the first step because there is unlimited grace.  If you want less of something, then you withhold it.  It simply takes you out of flow.  God is the creator, and a river is flowing from His throne.  It is flowing into all the kingdom, and when you initiate, then you create flow.  Jesus said out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.  Jesus is saying that you become a source of flow.

Jesus also tells us this works in reverse.  You don’t want to be judged, then you stop the flow of judgement out of you.  You don’t want to be condemned, then you rein in the condemnation.

If one wants to increase something, then they need to start giving it away.  Everything you do can become an investment that brings the flow of the Kingdom into your life. If one needs more money, then they should give more away.  If a person invests their life into a life-giving church, then they will reap a higher quality of life.  If someone wants more time, they should give time away in service to others, then they will reap that time back in living longer.

The same is true for you! If you want your business to operate in abundance, creative power and the blessing of the kingdom, then offer more than is expected to your customers.  Offer your customers greater quality than they have ever dreamed possible.  If you’re tired and worn-out, then you need to exercise.  When you give away energy, then energy will come into your life.  If you want friends, then give away friendship and it will return your way.  If you want your kids to care for you when you are aged, then invest into your relationships with them now.  I am not talking about providing for them or taking them to the movies.  I am not even talking about lecturing them about life or giving them platitudes about how to be successful.  I’m not even talking about reminding them to wear their seat belt or look both ways before they cross the street.  I mean you talk to them, spend time with them, hug and touch them or whatever it takes to earn the right into their hearts.  Do this continually while they are children, teens and young adults.  Make their new marriage easier rather than being a curse to it.  Then one day when you get old, they’re going to care for you with compassion.  If you don’t, then you’re going to land in a cheap nursing home on the bad side of town.  What you sow is what you reap.  You will be provided for, but with no relationship attached to it.

Why?  Giving creates flow.  Giving gets things moving. You initiate flow for the positive or for the negative.  When we are in flow, we are acting out the image of God within us. We are running on the operating system that we were made to run on.  The operating system that brings us life.  This raises our human potential.  This brings creative flow into our lives.  This connects us to an invisible kingdom that has no lack, and is filled with abundance.  This pulls us out of the curse of survival and into real life.  Life is about giving. The more you give, the more you live, and in the Kingdom this generous life is rewarded with more resources to be generous.

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