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If you’re like most of my readers, you’re passionate about God and getting closer to him. Your life isn’t about existing; it’s about making an impact. You are committed to putting the kingdom first, and—equally important—leaving a legacy. You strive to grow, think, and reach your potential. You want to impact eternity.

You want to be heavenly minded, but sometimes it feels like the gravity of this world keeps pulling you down to earth. Responsibilities, business, guilt, work, relationships, family-life and church responsibilities seem to have your feet pinned firmly to the ground. You want to have a single focus, but distractions war for your attention.

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you feel like you want to radically turn your life around after every sermon you hear?

Do you fear living your whole life for the trivial while the eternal things…the momentous
things falling through the cracks?

Do you worry that the mundane is now becoming permanent?

If so, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way.

I Know How You Feel
I know what it feels like to be in over your head—to have your spiritual desires outpaced by the responsibilities of life. I know how it feels to carry a sense of destiny and call while still attending to family, health and community.

As the current Pastor of NewSong Church, the owner of two successful small businesses, and father of four small children, I have faced the reality that there are always more tasks than time. The truly important things in life always face competition. The battle for intentional living is real. The answer isn’t simply doing more. The answer is changing our perspective.

If you’re like me,

you can get caught up in the details of life, buried by the responsibilities of temporal consequence. When this happens we must rise above the challenge-not physically-but spiritually and mentally. The key is to connect with our identity as kings and priests and to change our perspectives to a higher one. Thankfully according to….. the Lord has seated us in heavenly places, and because of this we can have a Royal Perspective.

My Goal in Writing This Blog
Through this blog, our mission is to offer you a change of perspective.

An Eternal Perspective:
When you are drowning in the temporal, my wife, Rachel, and I want to offer you a change of perspective on life and eternal matters. We want to help you focus on the things that are most important by giving you reminders and practical tools that will help you to reconnect with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in this business of life.

An Unconventional Perspective:
As a pastor I, Cameron, want to provide stimulating thoughts and perspectives for other pastor’s, church leaders and spiritually-minded believers. I am intentionally striving to think outside of the box and sometimes challenge conventional thinking. The goal of my writing is to serve you by looking at issues with an extra set of eyes.

My wife, Rachel, also offers an unconventional perspective of a different sort in her writing. She has a passion to share the overwhelming love and healing power of Jesus that has brought such wholeness to our lives after we endured a terrible tragedy in our early years of marriage. Her blog offers hope to those who feel crushed by darkness and a fresh perspective that centers on eternity for those of us just bogged down by the demands of daily life.

A Spirit-Filled Perspective:
We are also unapologetically Spirit-filled, kingdom-minded people that actively seek to move in the gifts of the Spirit and the power of God. Our goal is to provide wisdom and instruction in seeking God, perpetuate personal and corporate revival, and advance the exercise of spiritual gifts.

A Jesus-Centered and Church Grounded Perspective:
We want to know God and grow closer to him. This means three things for us. 1) We want to keep our focus on Jesus. He is the center of it all. The Holy Spirit points to Jesus and that’s our goal as well. 2) We will be grounded in the scriptures because genuine spirituality is rooted in Spirit and truth. Truth does not confine us in our relationship with God but harnesses the power of grace and provides focus in our pursuit of Him. 3). We’re committed to the local church. We’re open to different expressions of Christian community and those expressions can be shaped by culture and mission, but all God’s children need a family and biblical governance. This life of Spirit and truth is not intended to be walked out alone. It is in the community of faith that we glorify God together and share in grace with one another. We love life in the kingdom together!