A Prayer to Receive Your Word and Invest It in the Generations

Joel 1:1-3


My hope is that my children will go further in the things of God than I ever have.  My prayer is “My ceiling will be their floor.” Joel spoke to this directly in his opening chapter.

Joel 1:1-3

The word of the Lord that came to Joel son of Pethuel. Hear this, you elders; listen, all who live in the land. Has anything like this ever happened in your days or in the days of your ancestors? Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.


Lord, You are still speaking.  Help us to hear what You are saying.  We are desperate for Your word. Humanity is starving for Your word and they don’t even know it! Lord, let the influencers in Your Church and in Your world heed Your Word.  Let the elders of the church receive Your word.  Let the elders of our community and our nation receive your word.  We pray everyone will receives Your word, and right now I receive Your word.  Father, let us not just receive it, let us steward it, live it, hide it in our heart, apply it to our lives and obey it, then we can invest Your word into our children.  We pray this investment is more than just hearsay passed on to our descendants, but a living illustration lived out daily before them passed on in word and example.  Let our children receive the benefits of our investment of Your word within them. May the generations feast on the inheritance of godliness that we are able to leave behind.

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